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TCEDA’s List of Accomplishments & Participation over the past few months:


Retained Business

            TCEDA has worked with several businesses, ranging from HVAC to Personal Fitness Trainer, to optimize their profits. This required business valuations, real estate research, and in depth cost/benefit analysis in order to retain their venture.

            Roehr Repair, based in Beatrice, moved from a small office building with 3 employees to a large complex north of Hebron. They expanded their services to include repairs, New Holland equipment sales, Reinke Irrigation sales, and several other smaller revenue streams and anticipate hiring 15 employees immediately and possible 30 by the time the expansion is completed.       

Youth Career Development


  TCEDA coordinated the Classroom to Commerce event that each student from Thayer County, all three school districts, attended. The event focused on college prep, career prep, and introduced the students to employment opportunities in the county. The positive feedback from students, parents, and teachers has created two events similar to this.   

            TCEDA was one of two major partners to bring the Connecting the Dots program to Thayer County. This program gave all freshmen and sophomores in all area schools the opportunity to talk with industry professionals and play an interactive “Game of Life” concerning their plans for the future, opportunities in the community, and paths to connect the two.

            TCEDA is a major partner and core educator in YCAT, the Thayer County Youth Action Team. This group meets to learn leadership skills, entrepreneurship skills, and is required to do one major community service project.

Publicity & Online Presence

            TCEDA has partnered with NE Works, the Nebraska Department of Labor website. Using their localized job opportunity search engine, TCEDA’s employment page will be updated constantly with new availabilities. 

Home Ownership Program

            TCEDA received $157,500 to encourage people to put down roots in Thayer County. The grant provided down payment and repair money to Thayer County residents to purchase homes. In 2013, 7 home projects were funded through local banks. This has increased the tax revenue and tax base for these communities. Year to date, TCEDA, through this program, has provided just short of 1 million dollars to Thayer County.

            Over the past year, the HOP program provided gap financing and rehab funds for 8 families in Thayer County, exceeding the NIFA expectations in both the number of families assisted and the time it would take to deliver the entire grant. We worked with several of the local banks and realtors in the delivery of this program and many of the recipients would not have been able to purchase a home without it. We delivered all funds in one year (15 months ahead of required time.) We have also applied for an additional $285,760 of funding for more down payment, minor rehab, and removal.

Supporting our Membership

            Partnered with Thayer County Extension to offer “Leading Locally” to strengthen the leadership in our local communities, workplaces, and volunteer groups. Ten Thayer County residents participated, delving into topics of leadership styles, communication, technology, and conflict management.

            TCEDA built the proposal that was pivotal in South East Community College choosing Hebron as a location for their newest Learning Center. It aims to open in June 2016 and will provide credited and non-credited classes right here in Thayer County.

Entrepreneurship / Developing New Business 

            TCEDA had been awarded a Federal Entrepreneur grant for $100,000 that will be used to help new ventures and current businesses expand. Any small business (under 100 employees and under 1 million of revenue) will be eligible for loans and CD backed down payments.

            The Majestic Theater project, an entire renovation of a classic theater into a digital modern theater, was completed. The theater is now open and show opening weekend movies for only $5, making it a huge asset to such a small community.

            30 months ago, there were 22 storefronts for sale. At one time in the past 2 years, there were 6 on one block in Hebron. Currently there are 3 storefronts for sale in Thayer County.

            TCEDA have assisted in several business, strategic, and marketing plans for current and potential business owners. We provided design assistance for promotional material, menus, and other visual media for many of the local businesses.

The Hebron Industrial, Manufacture, and Warehousing Complex will be home to Central American Foods, real milk cheese producer. The facility was the site of a multi-million dollar cheese substitute company that closed in May of 2009. This company relocated from Columbus and will begin production in the next month.

TCEDA began and was pivotal in Thayer County receiving the State of Nebraska’s “Livestock Friendly” designation. The Nebraska Livestock Friendly County program is a voluntary program that recognizes counties that actively support the livestock industry. NDA partners with counties in the program to encourage development of the livestock industry in the county. When Thayer County received the designation, only 29 of the Nebraska’s 93 counties had the designation.

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