About the TCEDA


Our Mission Statement: "The Thayer County Economic Development Alliance is a county-wide partnership working together to provide a strong economic base and quality of life for all Thayer County residents."

Thayer County, Nebraska, home of eleven communities, is located strategically in the center of the United States. Our communities are comprised of many small businesses, manufacturing plants and entrepreneurs. Our workforce is comprised of strong ethics, educated and hard working individuals that Middle America is known for. Opportunities are available for all businesses to locate here. Like many Nebraska communities, Thayer County provides employment, recreational and quality of life opportunities. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy hunting, fishing, golfing, walking, biking and many more activities. Families are proud to raise their children in an environment that promotes high scholastic achievement as well as a healthy lifestyle. Quality health care is also available throughout the county.

Six Pillars of Community Development

Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Endowments and Foundations 
Youth and Older Adult Focus



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