Current Projects


The TCEDA helps groups and communities with certain projects by bringing people together, assessing their needs and helping them find a path to success.

Below are some of the projects that the TCEDA is currently assisting with.

Save the Majestic Theatre in Hebron - website | Facebook
The Majestic Theatre in Hebron occupies a spot that held a theatre continually since 1882.  Right now, like many movie theatres in small communities, the adjustment to digital projection is expensive and difficult. The theatre owners are willing to turn the building over to any group that is able to keep the theatre operating. The TCEDA helped in forming a non-profit group to assess the needs and raise funds for new equipment.

The TCEDA believes that a theatre is a big part of any community and a great tool for employee retention.  We also want to keep the movie-going public's money in the county, where they will likely spend more on dinner, gas, etc.


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