Thayer County has a number of tourism and recreational opportunities.  We sit at Nebraska's gateway to the Oregon and 49er Trails.  Many parks and lakes allow for fishing and hunting is good for whitetail deer and turkeys.  Each summer we all get together at the Thayer County Fair.

The landscape of Thayer County is some of the most beautiful in Nebraska with rolling hills and rivers like the Little Blue.  Explore our home and you'll find that it has a lot to offer.

Fall Festival in BelvidereThe Thayer County Museum is a great place to start if you want to find out more about the area.  Situated in the former Belvidere schoolhouse, it houses many artifacts from Thayer County's history from mammoth teeth to a restore one room school.  The Historical Society also puts on Fall Festival each year in October as well as other displays at the museum.

Near the museum in Belvidere is the new Train Watching Platform where you can watch the freight trains (and occasional steam engine) run on the UP double line.

The "World's Largest Porch Swing" sits in Hebron's City Park and is large enough to sit 24 adults!

Most towns provide a camping area and RV hookups (usually for free!). As well many city parks offer a great chance to slow down and enjoy the weather.  A favorite fishing spot is the Alexandria State Recreation Area (info) - near Alexandria.

For something very different, you can check out the 6th Principal Meridian east of Hubbell.  This is the point from which all land in Nebraska and Kansas, and most land in Colorado and Wyoming and parts of South Dakota was surveyed and subdivided.

Hwy 136 was designated the "Heritage Highway" Scenic Byway.  This 238 mile long road cuts through Thayer County and full of great places to explore.

Hebron was declared the "Oregon Trail Capitol of Nebraska" and is proud of its historic links.  The largest stone marker on the Oregon Trail is located just outside of Hebron on Q Road.

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